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Sabrina’s Arbonne Launch Party

Two of my best friends, Selena Miller and Sabrina Miller Reed, recently embarked on a new business venture. They both became Arbonne Independent Consultants!

Arbonne was established in 1980 and creates pure, safe, and beneficial products. Arbonne is Earth-friendly and uses plant-based ingredients in their various cosmetic and health products.

Sabrina recently held a launch party and invited guests to come hear all about the benefits or Arbonne, sample a few products, enjoy refreshments, and have the opportunity to win a prize. She and Selena decorated the party space beautifully and served their guests with gluten free pizzas, a fruit and vegetable medley, protein snacks, and cupcakes they decorated with the Arbonne logo.

Before the refreshments were served, everyone listened to a speech from another Arbonne Consultant about the products and opportunities that Arbonne offers. The guests then participated in a drawing to win a mug and a collection or Arbonne beverage samples. After that, guests had the opportunity to try samples of Arbonne skin care products as well as taste different Arbonne nutrition products. Both before and after the party guests enjoyed posing for photos at a photo booth.

For more information on Arbonne, you can contact Sabrina at:

Facebook – Sabrina’s Healthy Living – @sabrinahealthyliving

Instagram – Sabrina Faith – @sabrinas_healthy_living

You can contact Selena at:

Facebook – Selena Miller

Instagram – Selena Miller – @fitnessfizz

Arbonne Launch Party - Miranda Robinson Photography

September 28, 2019

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