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Wedding Timeline – Example and Advice

I know that when you imagine your wedding, you are envisioning a day full of fun, celebrating the love that you and your fiance share, while surrounded by your family and friends. It is my goal to make sure that your day is as fun and relaxed as you have imagined it! It is important that we have enough time on your wedding day that we are able to photograph each aspect without you feeling rushed. This way, you can take time to enjoy and soak up each moment!

Here is a list of the approximate amount of time needed to photograph different parts of your wedding:





Here is a sample timeline, created with photography in mind. It can be adjusted if your ceremony is starting at a different time, or if you are not having a first look.

Bridal Details 2:30-3:15 – Bridal details are so elegant and are such a beautiful and important part of your story! Bridal details and getting-ready images are the first things I photograph after arriving to your venue.

Getting Ready 3:15-3:45 – I will photograph everyone as they are getting their makeup and hair done, and will also photograph the groom and groomsmen. It is great if the bridesmaids and mother of the bride get ready first, so that they are ready whenever they help you into your dress. Once your beautiful dress is on, I will take additional portraits as you put on your jewelry and shoes.

First Look 4:00 – A first look is a great way to get extra portraits together! If you choose to have a first look, we will need to plan for a place with nice lighting that is as secluded as possible. If you decide not to have a first look, you can still use this portrait time to hold hands around a door, or read letters written to each other. It will be sweet and romantic no matter which you choose!

Couple’s Portraits 4:15-4:45 – After the first look, I will take a few more portraits of the two of you together.

Bridal Party Portraits 4:50-5:20 – We’ll take portraits of the girls and guys together and separately. Make sure that the guys already have their boutonnieres on and the girls have their bouquets.

Bride in Hiding 5:30-6:00 – At this point, the bride can hide and the ushers can begin.

Reception Details 5:30-5:50 – If the reception is at the same venue as the ceremony, I will use this time to photograph the reception decor. This needs to be done before guests have been let into the reception area, so that there will be no coats or purses blocking your beautiful decor.

Ceremony 6:00-6:30 – Yay! You’re finally getting married! ceremonies usually last around thirty minutes, but if you plan on having a longer ceremony, just let me know and we will make adjustments to your timeline. Enjoy your ceremony and soak up every detail of it!

Family Portraits 6:40-7:10 – Family portraits usually take place immediately following the ceremony. It is great to wait until after the ceremony to have your family portraits because you know everyone will be there. It is great to take these portraits outside if the weather and lighting are nice. These portraits usually take around thirty minutes, but make take additional time, depending on how many groups you want photographed.

A Few “Just Married” Portraits 7:15-7:30 – After family portraits have been taken, we can take a few more minutes to get some more pictures of just the two of you! For summer weddings, this is a great time of day to get golden hour sunlight images.

Reception Begins! 7:30 – It’s time to be introduced as a couple and cut the cake! I will photograph your entrance, cake cutting, dancing, and all of the many great things that happen during your reception! It is time to enjoy yourself.

The Exit 10:30 – Whether you plan a faux exit or a real one, I can photograph it! If you have any questions concerning wedding timelines, email me at

You can download a PDF example timeline below!

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December 18, 2019

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