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Amazon Products for Brides

Being engaged is fun. Online shopping is fun. Reading lists of recommended Amazon products is fun. and I am having fun by compiling a list of wedding-related Amazon products for brides that I have personally tried or plan to. A few years ago, I would have cringed at the thought of wearing a sweatshirt that said “Bride”, but now that I am engaged, I think it’s cute.

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I am going to do my own makeup for my wedding, and I want to buy a makeup box or bag that will look pretty in pictures. The box or bag will also be a fun keepsake from the day. If I choose a makeup box, this one will probably be the one I get.

Generally, I prefer makeup bags instead of boxes, so if I get a bag instead, I plan to get one like this. I like how it has an area in the bottom for makeup brushes!

Heart-shaped sunglasses are a current wedding trend and I easily see why. I have the white pair and they fit me well, even though I have a low nose bridge. You can purchase them individually, or in a variety pack, to share with your bridesmaids!

These his-and-hers wedding vow books come in a variety of colors. I plan to get us the green and white set. We plan to exchange private vows to each other during the first look.

I have a pearl hair clip like this one and I receive so many compliments on it!


This is by far my favorite strapless bra I have ever owned. The band is sturdy and wide and stays in place for hours without slipping or needing to be adjusted. It is my go-to for wearing with strapless shirts or dresses. Furthermore, it has sturdy straps that are removable, and comes in a variety of colors.

Other Items:

Wearing white can make your teeth appear yellow. I am going to combat that effect by using this purple toothpaste. I will update with a review once I have used it!

Because I plan to do my nails several days before the wedding and want them to last, I will be taking extra precautions to be sure they do. For this reason, I will be adding dehydrator and primer to my nail process. I am not certain if I will paint them or use dip polish, (I do both myself), but this set works for either!

Do you own any of these? Are there any other Amazon products for brides I should add to the list? Comment and let me know! If you would like a free copy of my exclusive bridal guide, contact me.

May 8, 2023

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