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Here are a series of self-portraits I took recently! I thought that in the spring of 2020, my photography business was going to be busier than ever before, photographing sessions, weddings, and events. Those plans changed quickly due to COVID-19. But this didn’t make me any less busy. With all of the events rescheduled or canceled, I devoted my time to creating educational classes.

If you are interested in learning anything about photography from me, I would love to know! I would love to answer your questions and have a fun chat with you. This also helps me know what issues people have and that lets me know more about what my classes should include.

It has been so disappointing to miss out on so many amazing photography opportunities and to see so many people have to reschedule events they have been looking forward to. And I miss getting to work with my sweet clients! A few days ago, I took a break from class creation to take a few self-portraits. I missed taking portraits! I set up my tripod and Nikon D750 in my kitchen and used the self-timer camera function. It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out well!

I set the timer to begin photographing after ten seconds, to take six pictures, with a three-second interval between each picture. This gave me time to get into place and to try different poses before having to reset the timer.

I chose my kitchen because the lighting was nice, the walls provide a solid-colored background, and I wanted the chandelier in the background to create interest. This turned out to be a great location. I will probably take more self-portraits here in the future!

I would love to know how you think the self-portraits turned out! Check out my TikTok account or Instagram account to see a behind the scenes video of the process. Learn more about me on the About section of my website!

Miranda-Robinson-Photography-self-portrait Mississippi Photographer

April 20, 2020

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